Monthly Archives: February 2008

Fun things to keep you healthy at your desk…

Taking the keep-your-chocolate-out-of-reach principle even further: Candy Grabber If you’re prone to gulping down your coffee before it gets cold: USB Cup Warmer Keep your healthy snacks away from the office fridge thieves: USB Mini Fridge Remind yourself to eat those five-a-day: Carrot Pen …or like this (if you’re feeling stressed): Stress Apple If you […]

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I hate exercise

A lot of us have very negative memories from our school-days; communal changing rooms, nasty comments, bullying, unflattering kit … it’s hardly surprising that some of us have the excuse “I hate exercise and always have done.” I spent my late teens being as inactive as possible because I’d hated the compulsory games sessions so […]

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New search box and archives page

Now that The Office Diet has over fifty pages, I’ve added a search box (glance up and to the right!) and I’ve changed the Archives page so that it shows the titles of all the previous short, daily posts. Check out the Articles page if you’re looking for more in-depth guides. Hopefully all this’ll make it […]

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