Monthly Archives: March 2008

I never have enough money

Money worries often cause sleepless nights – leading to over-eating, being too tired to exercise, and a vicious circle of feeling unable to cope. Most of us would like a bit more cash, but if you’ve realised that you “constantly feel anxious because I never have enough money”, make a firm decision now to do […]

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Keep up a healthy diet at a conference

Many of us manage a healthy diet while in the office, only to see this fall apart completely when out for the day at a conference. I’ve written before about how to cope with buffet lunches, but there are other challenges to be negotiated… Long hours of travelling, free food and sitting in stuffy meeting […]

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Recipes for using up excess Easter chocolate

I came across this great article in the Guardian full of ideas of what to do with excess Easter chocolate. This year we got given surprisingly little (we instead received cash donations towards a weekend away, which was much more welcome!) but in previous years, I’ve melted down leftover Easter eggs for chocolate biscuit cake […]

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I don’t like my job

Most of us have occasional moments when we’d rather like to go home and curl up under the duvet. Maybe it’s when your boss dumps yet another huge “urgent” task on your desk, or when you get the tenth furious phone call from a customer, in a single afternoon. The occasional bad day is almost […]

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