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How To Stop Wasting So Many Fruits and Vegetables

I linked to this article I wrote for Diet Blog last Friday and the corresponding article about food wastage in the Times – do read them if you haven’t had a chance to already. I want to offer some tips aimed more specifically at office workers for avoiding chucking away fruit and veg: Join in […]

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  • Updated February 3, 2017
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Are Dark Chocolate Dipped Fruits Good For You?

This post is by Lorna Cowie, an artist and self-described “extreme foodaholic”. She has also witnessed the devastation wreaked by me and a chocolate fountain… I’m trying not to take any of the below advice too personally 😉 Many of us have been listening to the various rumours about the miracle of being able to […]

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How To Get Healthier By Doing Things You Enjoy

This is the last in our “Healthy Mind” series, tackling the problem “I feel unhappy because I never enjoy anything.” Is this something that you’ve said – or thought – recently? Leading a busy life can sometimes make us feel we’re not “allowed” to enjoy ourselves. And when things are stressful or difficult, even activities […]

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