Review of Women’s Fitness – 9/10

by Ali on April 4, 2008

The March and April copies of Women’s Fitness were being given away for free in my gym earlier this week. All the copies were taken within a couple of days, and having browsed through the magazine, I can see why – it’s a great, value-packed read.

Type Magazine (UK)
Pages 130
Frequency Monthly
Price £3.35
Sections Features, Regulars, Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Directories
Aimed at Women of all ages with moderate-high level of fitness.

The sections cover

  • Features (such as “Saving graces – Style on a budget”, “Hills and thrills – Our guide to outdoor pursuits” and “Catch your breath – Are you breathing correctly?”)
  • Regulars (such as a Letters page, and fillers: the latest food news and must-have items)
  • Exercise (practical “how-to”s, and motivational articles)
  • Health (mental and physical)
  • Nutrition (with solid science-packed articles such as “Too good to be true? – All about low-fat foods” as well as the regular “Healthy bites” and “Diet dilemmas”)

Overall, the magazine is a great mix of practical advice, quick ideas, latest news and interviews with real women. I was especially pleased to see an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle over simply losing weight – the article writers were clear about the need to consume enough calories, especially when exercising.

The magazine is probably suited to the intermediate to advanced exerciser – beginners who are at a low fitness level might find “Get triathlon fit – Be prepared for the ultimate challenge” a bit daunting!

The only things I disliked was a slight over-emphasis on advertising and products, and a rather busy visual layout with small text, sometimes with a poor contrast between text and background colour. I probably wouldn’t buy this every month, but only because one issue has enough content to keep me going a good while. And if you’re keen on escaping the office life, track down a copy of the March issue, which has a guide to careers in fitness… (just don’t stop reading The Office Diet if you do find a new job!)

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