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How Healthy Habits Keep Your Stress Levels Down

I had one of those days today; slept badly, felt a bit grotty, struggled into the office anyway. And of course it’s days like that when the boss seems to be chasing up every little thing, including emails that somehow slipped my mind a week ago (oops). Suffice to say that by lunchtime, I was […]

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Dieting Basics 1: Carbohydrate confusion – are they good or bad?

What are carbohydrates? We need glucose for energy, and carbohydrates are the easiest nutrient for our bodies break down into glucose. They also contain fewer calories than protein and fat, weight for weight (3.75 calories per gram.) There are two main types of carbohydrates: Simple carbohydrates or Sugar (the “bad carbs”) These are sometimes called […]

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  • Updated November 2, 2016
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Great blog posts for reading over the long weekend

Since it’s a bank holiday weekend, there won’t be another post on The Office Diet till Tuesday. So here’s a few great posts elsewhere which I’ve enjoyed reading during the past week: From The Ririan Project For everyone who’s got kids, was once a kid, or is still a big kid at heart (I know […]

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