Monthly Archives: August 2008

What Does Listening To Your Body Mean For Exercise?

I’ve discussed how you can listen to your body to ensure that you’re eating in a healthy way for you. Today, I want to look at some popular exercise advice, and encourage you to think about what works for you. I’m going to cover these three key questions: When do you prefer to exercise? How […]

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Best Desk Accessories To Make You A Healthier Person

Since it’s Friday, I thought I’d share a selection of rather weird and wonderful products that I’ve come across online. These are all gadgets and trinkets to keep on or around your desk, as they might help you with your dieting/exercise … and they’re just plain fun! Is it a spoon? Is it a pen..? […]

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5 Ways To Sneak Fruits and Vegetables Into Holiday Meals

Once you’re into a healthy routine at the office, getting your five-a-day isn’t hard: perhaps you’ve established the habit of snacking on apples and eating a big salad at lunch time, or you always have a handful of dried fruit on your breakfast cereal. But what about when you’re on holiday, enjoying a much-needed vacation? […]

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