Monthly Archives: September 2008

Weekend Dieting – Maintaining Your Weight Loss Momentum This Weekend

It’s easy to reach 5pm on Friday, breath a long sigh of relief, and switch straight into “weekend mode” – which often means forgetting about pesky little details like healthy eating plans. And when it’s the weekend, we’re around friends and family, and want to enjoy ourselves, which can sometimes mean eating all the wrong […]

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5 Workouts You Can Do In 10 Minutes – No Excuses

Do you promise yourself that you’ll fit in three gym sessions every week – and then end up working late every night? Do you have brief enthusiasm for the idea of jogging for an hour every morning – then have second thoughts when your alarm goes off at some unearthly hour? Are you just too […]

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How to Tell Your Coworkers You’re On A Diet

(Note: this article is in many ways a rethink and update of what I wrote in Should you tell your colleagues you’re on a diet? The advice there still applies, but I’ve realised it’s often very hard to keep quiet about your lifestyle changes!) One of the tricky things about going on a diet is […]

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