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Weekend reading – some different and unusual articles

(Happy Hallowe’en to you all! If you’re having trouble resisting that tempting bowl of mini chocolate bars, then you might want to read Resist Hallowe’en treats…)I’ve been reading some great articles around the blogosphere recently, and thought I’d link to a few for you to enjoy too! This time, I’m going for articles which are […]

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Exercise: a treat, not a chore

Sometimes, we tend to see a lot of things that are bad for us as “treats”: things like chocolate, crisps, takeaways, lazy afternoons slumped on the sofa. I know I’m a bit prone to doing this too, but after an email from one of The Office Diet’s readers, I’m trying to rethink my attitude! Why […]

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Struggling with your workout? Find out why …

Have you ever had a day when your workout just seemed tougher than usual? Maybe your ten minute warm-up stint on the exercise bike had you feeling worn out, or you couldn’t manage as many reps as usual on the weights. Before you start blaming yourself for being “lazy”, here’s some factors you might want […]

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Resist Hallowe’en treats

That little candy bar on the right looks innocent and innocuous, doesn’t it? But it just might be the scariest thing you have to face this Hallowe’en… We’re getting into that time of year where all sorts of excuses for overindulgence are just round the corner. Hallowe’en is the first biggie; it’s almost synonymous with […]

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