Monthly Archives: January 2009
2983 Review – Is it Worth Your Time?

If you’re looking for dieting advice and help, one place you might want to look at is the Dr Gourmet site. “Dr Gourmet” himself emailed me and explained that: I think that this may be something your readers would be interested in. One reason is that we are the only such software that takes families […]

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How To Keep A Food Diary (It Helped Me Lose 50 lbs.)

Study after study has found that dieters who keep a food diary are much more likely to lose weight successfully than those who don’t. From personal experience, I can say that food diaries work – I lost 50lbs by keeping one!Here’s some great advice from Anna Saccone about why food journals work for her as […]

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Review of – Can It Help You Lose Weight?

I’ve been checking out the site Sensei – aimed at Americans who want a healthy-eating plan customised to suit them. It costs $15/month for Web-only access, and $20/month for mobile and Web access. At first, the site reminded me a bit of the UK-based (which I’ve already reviewed), but there are some big differences. […]

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