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Best of The Office Diet

Since I started The Office Diet over a year ago, the site has grown to encompass hundreds of posts, long articles, recipes and an ebook. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of the highlights:

Trying to live more healthily but not sure where to start?

Try the Dieting Basics series – a set of posts taking you through some of the basic principles of healthy eating and exercising, focusing on advice and tips that are practical for busy people working full-time. In a modified form, this also forms part of the content of my Dieting Basics ebook – a much more comprehensive look at weight loss, nutrition and exercise.

Looking for detailed information on diet and exercise?

Check out the Articles page. This is a set of longer articles – including the full versions of the “excuse busting” series (How to stop making excuses and start making changes) and the “healthy mind” series (Beat negative thoughts: keep a healthy mind).

Not sure what to cook for dinner?

My Recipes page has quick, easy and calorie-counted recipes for you to try out. These are all meals that I eat regularly and enjoy! They’re not fancy recipes, just good basic food made from simple, healthy ingredients.

Want bite-sized information?

The most popular posts on The Office Diet are, in order of popularity:

Looking for more?

The Office Diet has grown to a larger site than I originally planned, and I’m not going to be posting any new content for a while. If you’re missing your thrice-weekly fix, why not:

  • Use the search feature (on the top right) to look for posts on a particular topic
  • Browse through the categories on the left
  • Check out the archives
  • Read my blogging on Diet Blog and You On A Diet.

I’ll end by wishing you the very best of luck on your healthy living journey!


Writing for You On A Diet

If you’ve been reading The Office Diet for a while, you probably know that I write regularly on Diet Blog too.

I’ve recently started writing for the excellent website You On A Diet – I’ve been a fan of their site for a while (you’ll notice they’re in the blogroll down on the bottom left!) Here’s the first two posts I’ve had published there:

Hope you enjoy reading them!