4 Crucial Reasons to Maintain a Sensible Weight for Good Health

This is a guest post from Katie Wilson, reminding us why getting to, and maintaining, a healthy weight is important for so much more than just how we look.

We all know that maintain a sensible weight is good for your overall health and well-being. Often, however, people put sensibility aside when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What follows is a brief list of reasons why it’s crucial for good health to maintain a sensible weight.

Cardiovascular Complications

Extra weight puts extra strain on your heart, which can lead to all sorts of cardiovascular complications. Obesity can lead to heart disease and related problems like heart attacks. Taking care of your heart for the long run requires that you maintain a sensible weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent dire complications down the road. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, be proactive and take charge of your weight.

Diabetes and Related Complications

Obesity can contribute to the development of diabetes, which can ultimately be a debilitating disease if not properly managed. Managing diabetes, however, may not be in your future if you begin to take care of yourself and make the proper changes in diet and lifestyle now. Complications from diabetes can be very serious, including coma, loss of sight, amputation of limbs, and early death. Manage your lifestyle now so that these complications won’t be something for you to worry about down the road.

High Blood Pressure

Carrying around more weight puts more stress on your circulatory system and can ultimately lead to high blood pressure. Complications related to high blood pressure can be quite serious, but getting rid of extra weight will help ensure that your system isn’t trying to deal with the excess amounts of fluid required for a larger and heavier body. Reducing weight will ultimately help put you on the right track for a healthier body overall, along with lower blood pressure.


Obesity can lead to higher fatty deposits in the arteries, including the arteries in the brain. This environment makes strokes something that is far more likely than if you were at your ideal body weight. Working on adopting a sensible diet, healthier activities, and decreasing weight will help safeguard you against complications like strokes.

This post was contributed by Katie Wilson, who writes about the top nursing programs. She welcomes your feedback at KatieWilson06 at gmail.com


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