A month of The Office Diet

The Office Diet launched on 1st January and has been going strong since then. Many thanks to all those who’ve emailed me so far with feedback – it’s great to know what you like (or don’t!) about the site.

If you’re a new reader, you might like to browse:

I’d welcome even more views and comments to a.hale@cantab.net – especially if there’s something you’d particularly like me to write about.

And if you’re finding The Office Diet useful, why not spread the word to your friends and colleagues? What better excuse to abuse the “email all” function at work? 😉

Also, each post has buttons below to add it to your favourite social bookmarking site, and it’d be great to see people selecting their favourite pieces.

Good luck with your improving health, and thank you for reading so far! Look out for new posts in February, including the continuation of the “excuse-busting” series, articles on how to build and maintain new habits, more calorie counted recipes, reviews of diet magazines and sites, a Lent challenge and much more besides…


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