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The Office Diet is my attempt to encourage, advise and inspire all those who face the daily difficulties of maintaining (or beginning!) a healthy lifestyle whilst leading a hectic life. It’s aimed primarily at full-time office workers, but I hope everyone will find something to help them on their journey.

I’d love to have feedback from my readers – please email ali@theofficediet.com with comments, rants, office whines, and suggestions for anything you’d like to see on the site.

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About Ali

I’m a freelance writer and website creator (see my site Aliventures for more details) and I write for a number of other blogs, including the very popular Diet-Blog. If you’re looking to hire a blogger for any sort of blog, get in touch (ali@theofficediet.com) — I don’t just do health and fitness blogging!

If you want to know a bit about my dieting history, read on:

I was a chubby kid, and a podgy, unhappy teenager. I’ve never been hugely overweight, but I started thinking of myself as “fat” when I was about seven. At my heaviest I weighed eleven and a half stone – I remember standing on the scales, crying. My constant efforts to “go on a diet” each Monday came to nothing, until I was eighteen and looking ahead past A-levels towards university. I finally managed to lose weight, counting calories and writing down everything I ate, and was about ten stone by the time I started university. In years since then, I slowly lost another couple of stone, and now weigh just over eight stone. I’ve managed to keep the weight off – in fact, I’ve lost about six pounds – since leaving university, working in a full-time office job for 22 months, then launching out on my own as a self-employed writer and website creator.

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