Anna’s Diary – Weeks 3 and 4

Anna has had a hectic couple of weeks, but she’s been sticking to her diet: read on to find out whether or not her hard work has paid off… and to learn what DPIO stands for!

(And if you missed the earlier weeks, you can catch up with Week 1 and Week 2.)

Anna’s Third Week

“I would love to go on a time management course, but don’t have the time!” The old ones are definitely the best and most cringe worthy, and no excuse for failing to get my diary to The Office Diet on time to let you know how I’m doing out here. I have given myself another strict talking to and will now bring you up to date…

I’ve written off week 3, I gave a whole new meaning to the yo-yo diet and proved to myself – as if I needed proof – that not eating makes you fat. Combined with a good dollop of anxious moments on the work front and I actually put on weight! I am baffled as to how you get that worried thinness, how you can have ‘nervous energy’ and end up in size 8 jeans and still have chocolate for breakfast. I can only dream of a metabolism that goes into overdrive in tandem with my anxiety threshold!

The week was spent in hotels and on the road, and avoiding the urge to indulge in a dinner that wasn’t based on a bouquet of lollo rosso tested me. Just once I’d like to read the menu and order what I want and not what I think I should have. I know that life is for living but the regret the next day is overwhelming – I know, its obsessive, sad and all of those other phrases. But I have an addict’s personality, the more I have the more I want and therefore I have to have less! Are you keeping up with this? Don’t worry, I don’t have that much willpower and devoured the chips that came with my healthy tuna steak. Ho hum.

It was dinner at night and complete starvation during the day as I enforce my own no-eating-in-the-car rule. As you might recall I have a fascination with the mountains of chocolate (which I don’t like really) endeavouring to find themselves into my car and then on to my hips. I decided that it had to be an all or nothing approach and after having blueberries wedged in places they shouldn’t be following a healthy trip to one of those not-just-any-motorway-shop but … you know what shop, have decided to do an Amy and its no, no no. No surprises to find that my official weigh in (Sunday) told me I’d not lost a bean. Or an ounce. Or a gram.

But in my world STS is ok, as long as I DPIO (don’t put it on), I can live with myself but still get in a bit of a private pity party over the fact that when I look at my projected day for achieving goal I’m now looking at September and not August. Big resolve to get smarter and manage my business trips a bit more sensibly. Given that I’ve managed to lose the bulk of my weight while still doing my crazy commute around Europe and the UK it’s a bit bizarre that the closer I get to my chosen target I lose the plot more often than read from the script! I wonder why I’m getting so good at treading water?!

Anna’s Fourth Week

Week 4 and despite four days away from home and the safety zone of my own kitchen I ate reasonably well thanks to it being Asparagus Time in Germany. Delicious big white juicy somewhat phallic stalks of lusciousness (no thanks to the butter but yes please to the air-dried ham), lots of walking and water helped keep it all in check. I’ve got a wedding to go to at the end of the month and its motivation enough to send me into the gym every day and Sunday’s reward was a 2lb loss. Loss!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a Loser Again.

Which all goes to prove that I can do this, that it is consistency that counts, and one bad week doesn’t ruin it all. Phew!

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