Advantage of work

The biggest dieting advantage I’ve found to office work is that I’m much less tempted to snack: I tend to be busy rather than procrastinating over cleaning the flat, and there’s no cupboards full of tempting foods in the office. Try using your work as a snack-avoidance technique (rather than vice versa!)

Even so, there are times when a quick something is needed – either because my stomach’s rumbling and it’s hours till the next meal, or just because it’s Friday and I’ve decided to go for my share of the office goodies!

Snack stash

I’ve found that the lure of the office biscuit tin is much easier to resist when I have some healthy snacks on hand. Cereal bars are great, because you can pop them in a desk drawer and munch on one when needed: I find they make a perfect pre-gym snack.

Fruit and veggies also works really well, too. I usually buy five apples (yes, I am boring) at the start of the week and get through one a day. I’m also keen on raw carrots, though unless you have very forgiving office mates, these are a rather crunchy snack. Pick up a few of your favourite fruits on Monday, and make sure you’ve got through them all by the end of Friday. Pears, satsumas, plums, nectarines and bananas are all easy to eat at your desk.

Food Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fibre
Carrot sticks 30 0.6g 6.4g 0.3g 2.2g
Apple (medium, 100g) 50 0.4g 11.7g 0.1g 1.8g
Satusmas (2 medium, 140g) 50 1.3g 11.9g 0.1g 1.8g
Banana (medium, 100g) 95 1.2g 21.3g 0.3g 4.3g
Sainsbury’s BGTY cereal bar 70 1.7g 14.5g 0.7g 5.7g

Unplanned snacking

The biggest problem I have in the office is unplanned snacks. You know the sort of thing … You pop the kettle on for a cuppa, and find that some kind soul has brought in a box of those “Extremely Chocolatey” Marks and Spencer’s biscuits and left them right by the tea bags. And you just can’t resist one… and then a second … and by that point you might as well give up on the diet and go to the chippy for lunch, right?

The biscuits are by no means ruinous to your diet, but that kind of thinking is! Just walk away from the biscuits: tell yourself that if you still want one after lunch (or in a few hours/at four o’clock) you’ll have one. If you’re like me, you’ll find a craving that seemed overwhelming at eleven am has vanished completely by the time you’re sitting smugly virtuous and full after your carefully prepared packed lunch.

Evening snacks

For lots of people, myself included, the worst snacking time is after dinner. You’re not hungry, but you’re watching TV and a bag of crisps or handful of sweets or a few crackers seems very tempting. Your best bet is to keep your hands busy; some people can knit or sew and watch television, though I’ve never been able to do this. If you can, make a house rule that no-one eats while watching television – though I’ve not managed this one, either! You might find ironing keeps you from delving into the depths your fridge – and it burns a few bonus calories, too.

Food Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fibre
Kit-kat (2 fingers) 105 1.2g 13.0g 5.5g 0g
Jaffa cake 45 0.6g 8.5g 1.0g 0.3g
Curly wurly 120 0.9g 18.0g 4.6g 0.0g

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