5 Best Cardio Machines To Use For Your Home Workouts

Cardiovascular exercises strengthen the heart and muscles and lose unwanted fats. But let's admit it- just thinking about cardio make us feel tired. Having the best cardio machine for you at home which you can easily access is one step to having a great cardiovascular fitness. 

Quick Look: Our Top 5 Cardio Machines​

Will I enjoy it?

Whether you enjoy exercising on machines is obviously an important factor to consider when buying a cardio machine. If you end up not enjoying using the cardio machine, you'll likely end up abandoning it and it'll be an expensive clothes hanger in your bedroom - which is unfortunately the fate of many exercise bikes and treadmills across the country. 

Will it cause any physical problems?

Doing the same motion over and over again can lead to posture problems and muscle imbalances. If your work requires you to sit down all day, opt for cardio machines that you'll be in a standing position.

It's also best to consider underlying physical problems. For example: If you have knee problems, don't choose a cardio machine that will make it worse.  

It is best to consider your everyday motions and physical condition when choosing a cardio machine to prevent it from doing more harm than good. 

Will it help me achieve my goals?

​If your goal is to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular fitness, it's fairly easy to choose since almost all cardio machines can help you with these. If you're preparing for a marathon, then your main focus should be running.

Don't get me wrong, though - consider your goals and focus important, but you should also still use other cardio machines for balance and variety.

Different Kinds of Cardio Machines


Treadmills are one of the most well known cardio machines. It's used mostly for the basic exercises: running, jogging, and walking. What's good about treadmills are you can choose to change the speed and incline. Most treadmills also have side handles and auto stop switch to make sure you don't hurt yourself. 

Walking on a treadmill is a great alternative if you don't like running - it's effective in burning fats and calories and improving cardiovascular fitness. 

Treadmills are fairly easy to use - push a few buttons and you're good to go. But it's still important to take a few pointers on how it will work effectively. Below is a video on how to properly workout using a treadmill:

Stationary Bikes

If you like cycling, stationary bikes are the ideal cardio machine for you. There are two kinds of stationary bikes: Upright Stationary Bikes and Recumbent Stationary Bikes. 

Upright bikes are cheaper, less restrictive, and more versatile. It is also used the same way you would use a bike. You don't have to remain seated while using it since you can also use it while standing up. However, this kind of stationary bike is not recommended for people with back pain since it doesn't have back support.

Recumbent bikes give more support and comfort. With its chair-like seat, you can use the bike as long as you want without feeling any back pain. The reclined position of your body won't make you feel strained even after long hours of working out.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are not only great for improving rowing, but also for improving cardio fitness. One of the things to consider is whether you are using the rowing machine right - poor technique leads to less effectiveness. 

The video below shows how to use the rowing machine effectively: 

Stair Stepper Machines

The motion of Stair Stepper Machines is similar to climbing up steps. It works directly against gravity and posture problems since it can be hard for the knees. 

Like in most cardio machines, prevent over-gripping the handles ​- you'll burn fewer calories if you do. It's also most effective in interval workouts.

Fan Bikes

Fan bikes have been dubbed as one of the best cardio machines around. It is an upright exercise bicycle which also uses arm movement. The harder you pedal, the higher the wind resistance becomes.

It is also advisable to use it in interval workouts for maximum calorie burn.

Best Cardio Machines Reviewed

Here are our top 5 picks for the best cardio machines you can get for the money. 

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

The popular Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill has a lot more features than other treadmills similar to its price range. First, there are six programmed personal trainer workouts focused on weight loss and intensity training. It also provides heart rate monitoring.

​Second, it's a space saver. If you don't have a lot of space for a cardio machine, this one is perfect because it's compact and can be folded for storage. Additionally, it's easy to put back up.

Lastly, it has comfort cell cushioning. This kind of cushion helps the body to not be strained too much while exercising. It reduces stress on joints and maximizes stride impact absorption.

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike

With its features and cheap price, the Diamond 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike is a cardio machine you should check out. It has adjustable handlebars and seat for extra comfort.

It has 20 workouts which you can view on its backlit LCD display. It also has lots of nice extras such as an MP3 input, a magazine rack, a cooling fan, and a water bottle holder. 

No need to worry about your height - whether you 6'5" foot or under 5" foot, the seat can be adjusted perfectly. If you like watching tv or talking to your friend on the phone while working out, this the Diamondback 510SR Recumbent Bike is perfect for you since it doesn't make much noise while in use.

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

Whether you're a rowing beginner or have been rowing at the gym for a long time, the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine is the perfect rowing machine for you. It has everything you need for a powerful cardio fitness.

Unlike other rowing machines, the Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has the excellent PM5 monitor that provides all accurate and comparable vital data. The PM5 monitor also will constantly update you with all the information you need to achieve your training goals. 

There is a reason it's loved by so many...​

StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill

StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill

If you're up for a more challenging cardio workout, the StairMaster 7000 PT Stepmill is perfect for you. Surely walking or running up stairs for 15 minutes is enough to make you sweat (and burn unwanted lower body fat).  

It offers six workout programs with integrated progress monitors: quick start, manual, fat burner, calorie burner, speed intervals, and heart rate zone trainer. 

It improves cardiovascular fitness without giving too much strain to your joints.If you want a machine that will deliver a great workout that will tone your entire lower body, burn excess fat and improve cardiovascular fitness, you can’t go wrong with the Stairmaster 7000 Stepmill. 

Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike

Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike

To match the force you're exerting, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike increases its resistance. It's made for smooth, more effective, and efficient workouts.

It also has multiple programs to suit your needs and goals. 

If you're looking for a more intense and heart-racing workout, the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike is the cardio machine for you.

Final Recommendation

All five listed are great for improving and maintaining cardiovascular fitness. Though all are comfortable, durable, and helps in cardio fitness, they still differ in terms of motion and force to be exerted. 

When purchasing a cardio machine, please do keep in mind the three questions on the top of the page. Remember, cardio machines should help you, not cause harm.