Best Exercise Balls – 5 Best Exercise Balls with Incredible Support and Durability

Whether it's for developing good muscle tone, improving flexibility and stability, or rehabilitating knee, hip, and back injuries, using exercise balls are a simple yet effective way of achieving your goals. 

Quick Look: Top Rated Exercise Balls​

How to Choose an Exercise Ball 

What Size Do I Need?

Different exercise balls come in different sizes. Whether your short or tall, don't worry - most brands come in varying sizes. The size you choose should depend on your height and weight. The most common sizes of exercise balls are 75cm, 65cm, and 55cm. 

Here is a chart of ball size height recommendation:

Exercise Ball Size and Height Chart

HeightRecommended Ball Size
Under 4'8"45 cm ball
4'8" to 5'3"55 cm ball
5'4" to 5'10"65 cm ball
5'10" to 6'4"75 cm ball
Why does size matter? 
  • To avoid strain on lower back, hips, and pelvis. 
  • To increase the effectiveness of chosen purpose.

What Are They Used For?

Exercise balls serve many purposes. Let's talk about some of the most common uses and how they work:

For Physical Therapy

When performing physical therapy exercises, exercise balls provide flexibility, motor skills, strengthening, balance and coordination. Overall, exercise balls are great for rehab exercises. 

Here's an example of how exercise balls are used in physical therapy.

Muscle toning and Strength training

Exercise balls may not look like it, but they are actually a good equipment for improving strength and muscle toning. There are different exercises for lower body, core, upper body - depends on what you want to focus on.  

Some of the exercises that use exercise balls are squat and reach and abdominal crunch (as illustrated below): 

For more effective exercise balls exercises, check out this site.

Pilates and Yoga

Not only are exercise balls effective in hardcore strength and muscle training, it's also ideal for pilates and yoga. It produces amazing support in improving flexibility and balance. 

Here are four of the many yoga and pilates positions you can do with exercise balls: 

Pregnancy Workouts

Exercise balls used during and after pregnancy are also affectionately called "birth balls". Exercise balls can be used before, during, and even after labor. 

Before Labor

Using exercise balls even before labor can help comfort and strengthen your lower back. It gives support to the pelvis. Also by using an exercise ball while sitting helps the baby be in an anterior position. 

During Labor

The upward curve of exercise balls gives amazing support to women in labor - much more comfortable than a chair. It can help in soothing women when they rock forward and back during contractions. 

After Birth

A soft, flexible exercise ball is more comfortable to sit on while calming a crying child. It can also be used for exercises after pregnancy. 

Important Note: If you bought an exercise ball for yoga and later on decided to do muscle training, you can still use the same ball. Most exercise balls can be used for multiple purposes.


​When purchasing exercise balls, it's important to take into mind its durability. Even if you are going to use it only once a day at home, you might want to keep in mind the material it's made of for comfortability and safety purposes. 

Good news is that ​most exercise balls in the market today is made of anti-burst material. If you want added support and durability, be sure to look for that feature in any ball you buy. 

Best Exercise Balls Reviewed

Like I said, exercise balls can be used for multiple purposes. The 5 exercise balls in this list can be used in any of these purposes. 

​Professional Grade Anti-Burst Swiss Ball

Professional Grade Anti-Burst Swiss Ball

The Professional Grade Anti-Burst Swiss Ball is designed with thick, burst-proof walls for ultimate support and durability. It's made with superior material that is 6P and harmful phthalates-free. 

It is highly recommended by physical therapists and trainers. It's the perfect exercise ball to increase strength, balance, and flexibility.

It is made to be burst resistant. If it does burst on the first 90 days of use, the company will refund you a brand new ball. Not bad, huh? 

URBNFit Anti-Burst Professional Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness, Stability, Balance & Yoga - Workout Guide & Quick Pump Included - Anit Burst Professional Quality Design

URBNFit's Exercise Ball is made of high-quality and anti-burst PVC material - making it perfect for rigorous exercises. It's also has a non-slip surface for safer weighted exercises. 

Not only is it great for weighted exercises, it's also great to use for pilates and yoga. It's also perfect for strengthening the abdominals, core and lower back muscles.

It's available in 7 colors - Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Silver, Purple, Green and in 3 sizes - 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm.

Sophy Sports Exercise Ball

Sophy Sports 65 Cm. Exercise Ball

Sophy Sports Exercise Ball is also made to be anti-burst. It is designed with thick wall surfaces that can support up to 600 pounds while giving incredible support and flexibility.

It's the perfect exercise ball for toning and sculpting arms, thighs, shoulders, and abs. 

It's also a safe workout equipment for pregnant women and kids. It's the best way to bond with the kids.  

HemingWeigh Exercise Anti-Burst Ball

HemingWeigh Exercise Anti-Burst Ball

Made of high-quality material, the HemingWeigh Exercise Anti-Burst Ball is great for all types exercises, especially for restorative poses.

It is highly recommended for assisting children who find it difficult to sit still in class. Balance training exercises with the HemingWeigh Anti-Burst Ball has been shown to help children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and ADHD.

It's also perfect for pregnant women - aiding in relaxation, comfort, and physical relief. 

Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball

Whether used in once a day for home workouts, or all day as an office seat or constantly in a professional gym, the Black Mountain Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball retains its inflation and shape.

It's designed with dense walls and is weight-rated up to 2000lbs. It's the exercise ball for ultimate support and durability. 

Final Recommendation

All the exercise balls listed are great choices. Each gives incredible support and durability. Be sure that you select the one with the size appropriate for your body.

Some of the exercise balls on the list also have color choices - which is perfect if you like a more lively and fun exercise ball. All the exercise balls on the list will help you achieve your goals.