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I know there have been lots of new readers over the past couple of months (welcome, all!) and I wanted to point you towards some of The Office Diet’s most popular posts and articles. If you read through these, you’ll get a great overview of how to fit a healthy lifestyle around a full-time job.


If you’ve not spotted the Articles page (there’s a link in the menu bar!) you might want to head there first. A couple you might want to print out for reading at leisure are:

Popular posts

These posts have been the most popular with The Office Diet’s readers over the past few months:

This post tells you what the government recommendations are on calorie intake – and also gives you everything you need to work out your personal recommended intake, based on your weight, height and gender.

One of the most effective ways of boosting your chances of dieting success is to keep a food diary – that means recording what you eat and when. Once you know your recommended daily calorie intake, you can check whether you’re sticking to it or not by tracking what you consume. These posts let you know exactly how to go about that, and also give you links to download my food diary templates.

Of course, keeping a food diary might not do much good if all your calorie-counts are guesswork. This post teaches you exactly how to figure out the number of calories in your portion of food (you might want to have your calculator handy…)

It’s all very well tracking what you eat and how much exercise you do, but if you find you’re struggling to fit healthy meals and gym sessions into your day, you might want to give these articles a read.

If, despite reading and taking on board the advice above, you’re still not losing weight – you might be stuck on a plateau. This post lets you know how to beat it!

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