5 Best Power Towers – Perfect for Full-Body Workouts

Whether you want to build muscle or simply lose weight, power towers can get the job done. Power towers are a great way of to work out the whole body. 

Power tower alone can let you perform full-body workouts in the comfort of your own home. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships, say hello to power towers.

What is a Power Tower?

Power towers, also called power racks, are made of metal frames that have pull bar and armrests.

Here are some advantages of power towers

  • Space saver
  • Lets you perform multiple exercises
  • Adjustable to any height

Power Tower Exercises

Squat is the most common exercise you can do with power tower. However, there are many other movements you can do such as the following: 


Push-ups are a great way of working out the upper body muscles - including back, arms, and chest. 

Most power towers have fixed bars but few have adjustable bars which let you increase or decrease the level of bars. If you are interested in raising and reducing resistance, opt for power towers with adjustable bars. 

Why is push-up better in power towers? It lets you go deeper which stimulates the chest muscles better. 


Another exercise that focuses on the upper body, dips also work on chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Performing dip exercises in a power tower is more comfortable because your back will be supported and you can do the motion more effectively and correctly.

Leg Raises

While push-ups and dips focus on the upper body, leg raises works on the lower body. It primarily works on the abdomen and leg muscles (such as quads and hamstrings).


There is no better exercise to work out your biceps than reverse grip pull ups (also called chin-ups). Lateral pull-ups, on the other hand, work out your upper back.

Best Power Towers Reviewed 

Weider Power Tower

best power tower

Weider is one the most well-known brand of power towers. It gives you the range to perform multiple exercises.

The Weider Power Tower has four workout stations. First, the pull-up station for defining biceps, core, and shoulders. The second station is push-up station which works on biceps and forearms. 

It also has a Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) Station. The cushioned arm rests and padded hand grips make developing abs comfier. The dip station is for triceps, chest, and shoulders.

The Weider Power Tower is a quality machine with a solid design that will surely last for years.

Bowflex Body Tower

best power tower

If you want a stable, commercial grade machine with extra functions, the Bowflex Body Tower is the perfect power tower for you. 

With this power tower, you can perform more than 20 exercises. No need for other equipment.

It comes equipped with horizontal bars, handgrips, sling straps, and a cushioned back pad.

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

best power tower

Simple and affordable, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is an equipment that gets the job done. 

One of the great thing about this power tower is that the height is adjustable. This will allow you to fit it for your personal height. 

It also has back and arms rests for added support and comfort.

Gold's Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

best power tower

No need to break your piggy bank to have a great workout equipment - the Gold's Gym XR 10.9 is another power tower that is affordable and effective. 

It has four stations you can use to develop upper body strength: pull-up, push-up, dips, and vertical knee raising stations.

Like most power towers, it also has back and arms supports and padded hand grips. Not bad for an affordable equipment, right?

XMark XM 4434 Power Rack

best power tower

The XMark XM 4434 Power Rack is a solid design with wide, sturdy base. It also features 14-gauge steel. It has 4″ think pads to rest your elbows on for leg raises and an extra station for sit-ups.

It is also very durable and will surely last for years. Despite looking sturdy and its thick metal frames, this power tower actually only weighs 70 pounds. 

It's an equipment you can transfer around the house without compromising durability and effectiveness.

F​inal Recommendation

All the power towers mentioned above does the work effectively. If you have extra money and want extra features, it's nice to buy the ones on the expensive side. If you're on the budget, don't worry - the other ones also do the work effectively as the others.