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Anna’s Diary, Week 5

For the past month, Anna’s been keeping us updated on her weekly progress. If you’ve missed her earlier entries, you can find them all in the Diarist category. And without further ado from me, here’s Week 5… The perennial question of “How did I get so big?” I have a lot in common with a […]

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Anna’s Diary – Week 2

If you missed the first part of Anna’s diary start there, before carrying on here to read about “the bloat” and to learn what the acronyms VFW and STS stand for… Anna’s Second Week I have discovered that having been seriously overweight, I’ve been missing out on more than just slipping into a size 12 […]

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Anna’s Diary – Week 1

Anna’s post really made me grin (and cheer her on in places!) A great first week – read on for great tips on snacks when driving, coping with hotels, and much more. Brilliant advice for all of us who have to occasional travel for work – Anna does much more of this than me, though, […]

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Introducing Anna

I’m thrilled to introduce our new diarist, Anna! She’s someone I met on a weight-loss forum, and from the first messages I exchanged with her, I was impressed with her forthright attitude to life, and her incredible dedication to her weight-loss journey. I’ll give you her story in her own words… Anna’s Introduction Hi, my […]

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Yaz – Week 1

Yaz’s Diary Day one For breakfast I had a dried fried egg and slice of toast. I went shopping and bought pitta breads, salad, low fat cheese spread and fruit for my week day lunches. During the day went very well but it was my sister’s 30th so I had a curry and cream cake […]

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