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4 Possible Reasons Your Workout Felt Harder Than Normal

Have you ever had a day when your workout just seemed tougher than usual? Maybe your ten minute warm-up stint on the exercise bike had you feeling worn out, or you couldn’t manage as many reps as usual on the weights. Before you start blaming yourself for being “lazy”, here’s some factors you might want […]

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5 Workouts You Can Do In 10 Minutes – No Excuses

Do you promise yourself that you’ll fit in three gym sessions every week – and then end up working late every night? Do you have brief enthusiasm for the idea of jogging for an hour every morning – then have second thoughts when your alarm goes off at some unearthly hour? Are you just too […]

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What Does Listening To Your Body Mean For Exercise?

I’ve discussed how you can listen to your body to ensure that you’re eating in a healthy way for you. Today, I want to look at some popular exercise advice, and encourage you to think about what works for you. I’m going to cover these three key questions: When do you prefer to exercise? How […]

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