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HELP! I Can’t Stop Snacking – Simple Tips To Stop Unhealthy Snacking

Snacks are the downfall of many dieters. You plan healthy meals, you eat healthy meals … but you find yourself nibbling in between. That’s fine when the nibbles are fresh fruit and vegetables, but when you’re eating cookies, cake and chips, you’ll be getting all the nutritional baddies (saturated fat, refined sugar) with precious few […]

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How to leave work on time

Special announcement: For just three days (29th Sept – 1st Oct), the Dieting Basics ebook is just $5. The price will be going up to $12 on Thursday 2nd Oct so if you’ve been dithering about buying it, now’s a great time to get your copy! You can download a free sample of the ebook […]

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Eat breakfast at work

If you find yourself skipping breakfast because you’re too rushed or not hungry enough first thing, why not eat the first meal of the day at work? You might have to be a little sensitive to your office culture and customs here: I’ve worked in places where communal milk was bought for cereal, and places […]

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The Ideal Dieting Office

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if your workplace was geared up to support your healthy living efforts? Instead of having a vending machine stuffed with chocolate and a dingy cupboard of a kitchen, the Ideal Dieting Office would have free fruit and vegetables, a sparkling clean fridge, a host of supportive colleagues and a […]

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