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Three Great Diet and Fitness Blogs To Enjoy

These blogs have all been sources of amusement, encouragement and inspiration with my own diet. I’ve had them in my blogroll (down on the bottom left) for a while, but thought I’d give them a bigger mention…

The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl tops the list, for being an amazing story of what can be achieved given time and determination. Shauna has lost half her body weight – and travelled half way across the globe – during her adventures, and I reviewed her book earlier this year.

Diet Blog, which I write regularly for, has been on my list of favourite blogs for a long time. There’s usually a couple of posts every weekday. The blog is run by Jim Foster, but has contributions from a number of writers. I’m always learning something new there!

Cranky Fitness is a slightly snarky take on the world of fitness and health. “Crabby McSlacker” and her compatriot “Merry” write entertaining and informative pieces, several times a week. I particularly like their random Friday posts…

(Laptop photo above by migs212)

What are your favourite blogs on weight-loss, health and fitness? Do you have your own blog? Let me know ( – I’m always looking for new blogs to read and review!


Review of Zest Magazine – 9/10

One of my favourite magazines while I was starting to get into “fitness” a couple of years ago was Zest. I bought it after reading this review on the Weight Loss Resources site, and it’s one of the few health magazines that I’ll read almost cover-to-cover.

Type Magazine (UK)
Pages 140
Frequency Monthly
Price £3.20
Sections Health, Emotions, Beauty, Eat light, Fitness
Aimed at Youngish (18-40s) women interested in health.

There are lots of regular features such as:

  • Zest life makeover: a reader’s life is analysed by a nutritionist, life coach, hypnotherapist, personal trainer and skincare therapist. I enjoy reading these; the advice is positive and proactive rather than critical!
  • Embarrasing questions: Zest’s experts help readers with health problems they don’t want to share with a doctor.
  • 10 on Test: Products taste-tested and compared, shown with calorie and fat counts, and rated out of ten.
  • Fit and Famous: A short interview with a celebrity, focussing on what they do to keep their body and mind healthy.

In the March issue, my favourite articles were:

  • Your Happiness Recipe: 12 ways to be happier, with explanations why and a practical idea of how to get going on each.
  • 10 New Diet Rules: Ways to shift those last few pounds, such as “I will know when I’m full” and “I will use my tastebuds.”
  • How to Get Great Abs: I’ve been trying out the exercises “Best for beating lower belly bulge” … I’ll let you know in a month or two if they’re having any effect!

I’m giving Zest 9/10 – it loses marks for a “Success Story” article from a reader who went on a very low calorie diet, Lighter Life, where apparently “clients have nutritionally complex shakes, bars and soups equalling about 530 calories a day.” That’s a dangerous and unhealthy way to lose weight, and I’d rather not see it being promoted in magazines – especially ones aimed at people who are fairly new to the world of dieting and exercise.

Overall, though, Zest is a positive, cheerful and friendly magazine with a wealth of useful tips, good advice and thoughtful articles.


Review of Shauna Reid’s “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl”

I swooped on a copy of this in WH Smith, out on the shelves a couple of days before the official publication date of 01/01/2008, and I’ve been enjoying it a bit at a time, like a box of good chocolates, for the past fortnight. It’s the brilliantly inspiring story of Shaua Reid, aka Dietgirl, whose weblog I’ve been reading for several years.

(You can find her blog over at

I love Shauna’s writing style: funny, self-deprecating, with brilliantly vivid flashes of description. She comes across as a very loveable, fallible person. Her descriptions of her weight-loss struggles are completely hones and open – there were moments in her book where I wanted to give her a big hug (despite already knowing how the story “ends”.)

If you’re looking for an inspiring pick-me-up to get you through these cold and dreary January evenings, I wholeheartedly recommend The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. It’s in diary format so easy to dip in and out of (perfect for the train/tube, though not if you’re as prone as I am to giggling aloud). Keep it in your bag or desk to dip into when the dieting doldrums strike.