Coping with buffet lunches – don’t let them ruin your diet

I’m indecisive at the best of times, and buffets – with all their tempting options – can often spell dieting doom. Like many office workers, I occasionally get a free lunch to compensate for sitting through a day-long boring meeting, and I’m learning not to treat this as an excuse to indulge too much.

My tips are:

  • Don’t pile your plate too high (you can always go back).
  • Just take things you really like. You don’t have to have one of everything!
  • Fill half your plate with salad, fruit, or crudités.
  • Get a glass of water or juice to sip, which will slow down your eating.
  • Don’t feel guilty about food being wasted. Leftovers might well go to someone in more need of them than you. (At one meeting I was at, they were taken to some homeless people.)
  • If you know you’ll be having lunch out, plan a lighter supper.
  • Don’t eat too fast: take time to chat to some colleagues, or have a wander round to stretch your legs.

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