Delicious and healthy foods for Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is a great occasion to “relax” a bit at your diet – either to enjoy a special meal with a loved one, or to pamper yourself if you’re alone. But having something delicious and a bit different doesn’t have to mean writing off your healthy eating plans altogether.

Try including some of the following diet-friendly options with your dinner tomorrow:

  • Salmon: high in omega-3 fats, vitamin B3 and B12. That means it’s good for your heart, brain and energy levels. And since it’s usually smoked or poached, salmon is much better for you than the deep fried varieties of fish from the local chippy…
  • Asparagus: considered by many to be an aphrodisiac… and even better, it counts towards your five-a-day!
  • Strawberries: these are another of your five-a-day, and a traditional favourite on Valentine’s day for their heart shape.
  • Dark chocolate: mood-boosting, rich and satisfying – it’ll go further if you melt it to dip the strawberries in.
  • Champagne: guaranteed to put you in a good mood, and surprisingly low in calories compared to other alcoholic drinks.

Food Serving size Calories
Salmon 90g fillet 176
Asparagus 120g 28
Strawberries 120g 33
Dark chocolate 25g 139
Champagne 120ml flute 89


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