Delicious but diet-friendly weekend breakfast ideas

One of the nicest things about the weekend is that you don’t have to leap out of bed, dash around frantically and dive out of the door to get to work. I enjoy having a leisurely breakfast, and try to eat something a bit more interesting than the weekday morning fare of cereal…

Light breakfast

If you’re up late and not having a very active morning, I’d suggest eating something light for breakfast. It’s a great chance to ensure you get some fruit – many of us do well on our five-a-day during the week, but slack off when Saturday arrives.

Fruit salad is quick, easy and delicious – keep a big bowlful in the fridge to dip into. If you want something even simpler, try an apple, a big slice of melon, grapefruit, oranges or a banana.

“Active day ahead” breakfast: porridge

For those who’re up early and raring to go – heading off on an walk, perhaps – porridge is a brilliant option (that’s “oatmeal” for our US readers). I like to soak big Scottish oats in semi-skimmed milk overnight, then heat slowly on the hob in the morning; all the stirring is definitely good for my upper arms! Raisins, cinnamon, banana, and brown sugar all go well in porridge, though true Scots insist on salt.

Sweet-treat breakfast: crumpets

Once in a while, we all need a treat. Perhaps it’s a birthday, the end of a hard project at work, or the beginning of a long weekend. For me, nothing hits the spot quite like a Danish pastry, but unfortunately this is not the diet-friendliest of options. I’ve found that crumpets are a great alternative – they’re surprisingly low-fat, and with low-sugar jam and no butter, quite a low-calorie option (80-100 cals per crumpet).

Late brunch: grilled, not fried

For those who can’t see the point of the weekend if they don’t sleep in till noon, brunch is a great option. Grilled lean bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, beans and granary toast will fill you up till dinner time – and at a far fairer calorie cost than a greasy fry-up. See the article on breakfasts for more ideas.

(Photo above by simpologist)


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