Diet Tired publishes calorie, carb & fat guide

Drew Harvey, the guy behind the fantastic blog Diet Tired, has emailed me so I can let you all know about “The Ultimate Calorie, Carb and Fat Guide” (there’s a screenshot of it on the Diet Tired Free Tools page).

It’s a fantastic printable resource that lets you see at a glance the calories, fat and carbs in standard portion sizes of a huge range of common foods.

One of the best features of it, for me, is that calories, fat grams and carb grams are given by portion size rather than by 100g or 1 ounce – much more convenient.

The two-page guide also gives you useful information on eyeballing portion sizes, and on how many calories you should be eating.

I’ve bought a good few diet guides and similar over the years, and this has to be one of the neatest ones I’ve seen – very compact, nicely laid out, and beautifully designed.

Best of all, it’s free – Drew informs me that all you need to do is sign up for the RSS or email feed from Diet Tired, and you’ll get a link to download it in the first post that comes through.


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