Do something fun: non food-related treats

It’s Friday, and I always want a treat on Friday to mark the end of the working week. (Even though I’ve only been back in the office since Wednesday.) Easy treats tend to be food-related – I’ve got several boxes of Christmas choccies still, just waiting to be opened, I’ve been good and not had any for the past couple of days.

And you deserve a treat too, right?

Definitely! We both deserve a really good treat – something lasting, something which will make us feel buoyed-up rather than guilty afterwards. So, today I made a list of mine, things which I find fun or relaxing:

  • Facepack (chocolate scented!)
  • Bubble bath by candlelight
  • Reading a few chapters of one of my new books (I got lots for Christmas)
  • Buying myself a favourite magazine
  • Sales shopping!
  • Listening to a new episode of a podcast
  • Playing computer games

None of these (apart from sales shopping) cost much time or money. Try making your own list: grab a bit of paper and scribble down as many things as you can think of that would be a real “treat” for you.

Then pick one for tonight and one for tomorrow, and enjoy them, savour them like fine chocolate truffles. (Or gobble them up in a rush, like a bar of Dairy Milk, if that suits you better!)


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