Don’t give up your favourite meals – make them healthier

One of the most depressing things about “being on a diet” is feeling that you have to miss out on proper, filling meals. Don’t try to survive on cereal or bowls of thin soup for dinner – you won’t last more than a few days.

Instead, learn how to make healthier versions of your favourites. There are lots of easy ways to do this, many of which are plain common sense:

  • Cut your portion size to three-quarters of what you’d usually eat
  • Fill up on vegetables – cover half your plate with them
  • Use healthier ingredients – meat, cheese and milk are easily swapped for lower-fat versions
  • Go vegetarian – meat tends to be one of the higher calorie components of a meal.

The Office Diet has lots of calorie-counted recipes for quick, delicious meals, linked to from the Recipes page. I’ve added the spaghetti bolognaise one today – a great comfort-food meal during this cold, foggy February.

Enjoy your dinner!

  • Updated August 9, 2012
  • Meals

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