Four great diet blogs and sites to enjoy

If you’ve tried out The Office Diet’s recipes, dug deep into the archives and perused all the longer articles, you might be getting short of reading material. Here’s a few of my favourite sites to while away a few minutes…


This is a tricky blog to pidgeon-hole, so all I can say is – take a look! MizFit has a unique, chatty, informal and funny writing style, and a great way with words. In particular, check out her answers to Viewer Mail and Guest Chef Time

In a recent post, MizFit tells us:

Im intrigued by what takes off and becomes the next —to date myself— Pet Rock & what goes the way of the 8 Track or, more currently put, those mini-DVDs which never quite struck the American public’s fancy.

She writes on fitness, health, weight-loss and dieting issues and makes a great coffee-break read if you want a giggle or something to distract you from work…

The Guardian’s Health and Wellbeing section

Another great one to browse through, the Guardian has a wealth of excellent content online. I almost never buy the print version of the paper any more, but regularly read news and features on their site.

Particularly good current reads are:

Cranky Fitness

I’ve mentioned the wonderful Crabby McSlacker, and her pal Merry, before — if you’ve never come across Cranky Fitness, I recommend it very highly for a unique and refreshing blend of humour, intelligence, fun and practical advice.

In particular, check out:

  • Out of the basement and into the streets where Crabby writes:

    Please raise your hands: are there any of you out there who think riding a bicycle is an excellent idea, a healthy, practical, good-for-the-environment activity, but it’s just too much of a pain to do in real life?

This is Not a Diet

I only came across this a couple of days ago, but it grabbed my attention:

We are going back to the basic essentials of human health. This means we aim to exercise more, eat healthier foods and when possible, eat organic. In our quest, we also want to examine how to take care of the whole body by the use of products that are made from natural ingredients.

Running from April 1st 2008 to April 1st 2009, This is Not a Diet is a blog by a group of people in Southern California who are trying to lose weight in a sustainable, healthy way. It’s a really nicely designed site with a great premise and input from lots of people. Definitely one to follow if you’re looking for inspiration.

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