Four Months of The Office Diet

It’s been a busy month for The Office Diet, and we’ve had a lot of new readers over the past week or two – welcome, all! I’m going to sum up what’s been happening during April, and highlight some posts you might want to read if you missed them first time round.

What happened in April

    The “Healthy Mind” series was completed. I was really pleased with the feedback on this – it was a slightly new direction for The Office Diet (I’ve focused mostly on food/exercise till now) but lots of people emailed to say that they’d enjoyed it. As with the January-February Excuse-Busting series, I’ve now published all the Healthy Mind posts as a single article.

  • I welcomed The Office Diet’s new diarist, Anna, who’s been updating us weekly on her progress. It’s been great to have her entertaining, witty posts to read, and to have the chance cheer her along!
  • For the first time, I’ve published guest posts on The Office Diet: Lorna Cowie, who shares my love of all things foody, has been writing about dark chocolate, honey and tea. I’ve learnt loads of new tips and ideas from her articles, and hope that you have too!
  • I’ve been guest posting elsewhere: check out How NOT to eat in the office over on Pete Cohen’s Weight Loss Guru blog. I’m also carrying on with staff blogging for www.diet-blog.com – here’s a quick list of all my recent posts there .
  • And, less than a month after reading 10,000 hits in March, The Office Diet reached 15,000 hits on 25th April! Thanks again to all readers, especially those of you who’ve been sharing the site with friends and linking to your favourite articles.

What’s coming up in May

  • Anna will be keeping us updated with her weight loss diary, and hopefully there’ll be lots of successes to report!
  • Lorna’s going to be writing guest posts on a regular basis – and if you’re interested in guest posting on The Office Diet, do get in touch (just email ali@theofficediet.com or see the Contact page for ways to get a message to me.)
  • And of course, I’ll be writing the usual mix of motivational and practical tips, sharing with you plenty of ideas for keeping on track against all the usual challenges of office life – including two long Bank Holiday weekends, for our UK readers!

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