Free ebook available from Core Concepts

One of my fellow bloggers over on Diet Blog, Mike Howard, has recently released an ebook called “12 Permanent Fat Loss Strategies”.

I snagged a copy myself and was very impressed: like all Mike’s writing on diet and exercise, it’s very thorough, informative and goes into a lot of depth considering it’s completely free. Mike doesn’t assume any expert knowledge, and his advice is aimed at everyday folks like you and me – not top athletes.

You can grab the ebook from the Core Concepts‘ website: just pop in your name and email address, and it’ll be delivered straight to your inbox. (For those who’re a bit wary of giving their email address out, I can tell you that Mike is a lovely guy – he definitely won’t be selling your details to any spammers!)

If you enjoy the ebook, you’ll want to check out Mike’s blog too: Winning The Losing Battle. His tagline is “Cutting-edge, timely and interesting information and opinion in the deeply confusing world of fat loss and optimum health” – which strikes me as something the internet could do with a lot more of!


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