Great blog posts for reading over the long weekend

Since it’s a bank holiday weekend, there won’t be another post on The Office Diet till Tuesday. So here’s a few great posts elsewhere which I’ve enjoyed reading during the past week:

  • From The Ririan Project

    For everyone who’s got kids, was once a kid, or is still a big kid at heart (I know I am), this is a great refreshing take on some dieting truths…10 Big Weight Loss Secrets from Little Kids

    Have you ever watched a kid entirely engrossed in a project? They have that magical ability to be serious about what they’re doing without taking it too seriously. You can do the same with your weight loss. You can live every day with more focus, and every week with more motivation.

  • From Diet Blog

    Diet Blog is one of my favourite reads, and well worth subscribing to (not just because I write for it ;-)) This recent post by a guest nutritionist was a great read for me:3 Dieting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

    I have worked with thousands of clients in successfully fighting fat and I am now, myself, tiny and fit, a mere fraction of my once fat self. A big part of the problem is that dieters do nothing to change their mental state.

  • From Dumb Little Man

    I don’t have a fast-food habit myself (when a colleague asked me, perfectly nicely, earlier this week, “Would you like anything from McDonald’s?” I responded with a “No!” of such horror that he probabably wondered if I had a clown phobia….) But if you’re trying to kick fast food, this article’s a great one:How to Kill Your Addictions to Junk

    I’m going to separate the tasks into kicking crap snacks, kicking fast food and kicking pop (soda to you philistines). Pick whichever will be easiest for you and do that first. A taste of success is incredibly motivating. Then do the one that will be hardest second while you’re on an upswing.

  • From Cranky Fitness

    If you’ve read The One Secret of Weight-Loss Success [check name], but figure there might be ANOTHER secret out there in the world, this post of the wonderful Crabby’s will teach you the secret of success in general. Intrigued? Read on…:Secret to Success Revealed!

    People who are successful at losing weight or writing books or climbing the corporate ladder or running marathons? They recognize that the decisions they make everyday are important, so they make them consciously.

Check back next week for the start of the Dieting Basics series, and subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a single post!

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