Great diet, health and fitness articles to enjoy reading this weekend

I’ve been reading loads of great articles on various sites and blogs this week, and thought you might enjoy some of these.

The Mythical Daily Water Requirement
Mike, a fellow writer of mine on Diet Blog, examines the evidence for the “six to eight glasses of water a day requirement”. He concludes that:

Use common sense when hydrating during exercising – especially in hot weather. You need not, however count empty bottles, or stress if you fall a glass or two short of your daily “requirement”.

Wasted fruit and vegetables add to Britain’s CO2 emissions
The amount of fresh vegetables and fruit thrown away in the UK is staggering — this article from The Times says:

Apples are the latest symbol of the throwaway society, with 4.4 million dumped in household bins every day … [and] 5.1 million potatoes, 2.8 million tomatoes, 1.6 million bananas, and 1.2 million oranges. These were not scraps or peelings but whole items in good condition.

I wrote an article for asking How Much Fruit and Veg Do YOU Throw Away? and offering six tips on avoiding having to bin good food, such as:

Take ten minutes to plan out meals at the start of the week: decide what’s for dinner each day, and write your shopping list accordingly. If you’ve listed stir-fries, soup and pasta dishes, you might not get through much green salad stuff…

Feel free to join in the lively discussion in the comments section there!

One of my favourite health and fitness bloggers, Crabby McSlacker, has (just about) resumed blogging again on Cranky Fitness after moving house. She wrote a wonderful, evocative article about The Rock Walk … with gorgeous pictures, too!

They are mostly big wide flat rocks, but there is enough un-evenness to require a certain sort of subtle attention, most of which is not even conscious. A few jumps, a little scrambling here and there–there’s just enough maneuvering to keep a good part of the body and brain pleasantly engaged.

If you end up grabbing meals and snacks at fast food places because work and life are hectic, check out Alex’s Simple Fast Food Hacks for Eating Healthier over on the next 45 years. Alex offers lots of ideas for better choices at various big chains, such as Pizza Hut:

  • Thin is in! Opt for the thinner crust – this cuts the fat nearly in half
  • Eat your vegetables. Ask for more green vegetables such as broccoli or green peppers and less meat (which is high in fat).

Hopefully that’ll give you plenty of reading material for the weekend — have a great couple of days, and don’t forget to check back in on Monday for our diarist Anna’s first update…


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