Great Weight Loss/Diet/Exercise Tools From You On A Diet

After a few weeks of letting my healthy eating habits slip a bit (I’m sure you all know the feeling), I’m firmly watching what I eat again! It’s a while since I’ve been counting calories or thinking about shedding a few pounds, and I’m delighted to recommend nifty free tools that might help you too.

These are a series of diet, exercise and weight-loss tools from Ernesto, who runs You on a Diet – a great site with a blog attached, which I write weekly for. These include:

Weight Loss Estimator: Pop in your weight and your daily calorie deficit (ie. how many calories you’re cutting from the daily recommended calories for your gender, age and weight). Warning: the tool will let you set a calorie deficit that (if you’re female and short like me) could be unsafe. Don’t go below 1,100 total calories per day (which for me is a deficit of about 460).

Body Mass Indicator (BMI) Calculator: Find out if you’re underweight, overweight or just right… this is what I currently get!

Activity Calculator: Cleverly, this lets you figure out either how many calories you burn in a set time of a particular activity – or vice versa: you can put in how many cals you want to burn and figure out how long it’ll take! I went skiing for the first time over the Easter break, and was rather pleased to find out that downhill skiing burns a whopping 176 cals in half an hour. (I’m not sure how many cals falling over burns, though, which was what I seemed to spend most of my time doing…)

Calorie Calculator: This handy dandy tool lets you know exactly how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight, or to lose weight.

There’s also a target heart rate calculator (very straighforward – just enter your age), as well as tools to figure out what percentage of your body weight you’ve lost since starting your diet.

If you’re a diet blogger, you’ll love these tools – ones like the BMI calculator give you nifty little graphics that you can post on your blog to show the world your progress (or to shame yourself into making some headway!) As an example, here’s my BMI…


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