Health, diet and fitness articles for weekend reading

I am heading to Worthing for the long Easter weekend (with the Boyfriend in tow), so there won’t be any updates on The Office Diet until next Tuesday. I’ve also been blogging quite a bit elsewhere, and some of those articles may be of interest to you.

With that in mind, here’s some of my favourite diet, fitness and health related articles to keep you busy over the weekend:

Popular articles from The Office Diet’s archives

These are some of the most popular posts from the last few weeks on The Office Diet; if you missed them first time round, check them out now:

Articles by Ali posted elsewhere

You might find these slightly different in tone from other articles on The Office Diet, as I tailor my style to the blog I’m writing for. (If you run a diet, health or fitness related blog and would be interested in a guest post from me, do drop me an email to ali@theofficediet.com)

Have a wonderful Easter, and don’t worry about your diet for the next four days — enjoy yourself, enjoy your food, and check back in on Tuesday for the next post in the Healthy Mind series.


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