Introducing Anna

I’m thrilled to introduce our new diarist, Anna! She’s someone I met on a weight-loss forum, and from the first messages I exchanged with her, I was impressed with her forthright attitude to life, and her incredible dedication to her weight-loss journey. I’ll give you her story in her own words…

Anna’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Anna and I am on a diet because I used to be very fat, and now I’m not so fat. Except I’m not on a diet, because if I were I would be reaching for the chocolate biscuits as I type because this is hard work! I’m managing my weight, the intention is to push it down but I’ll settle for not going up if I have to. Well, no I won’t but its not plain sailing. Or eating.

Personally I hate smug dieters, I endured Weight Watchers when I was 13 and vowed then I would never be a girl who could make a lemon meringue pie using low fat cottage cheese, and still have some left over to make supper for 4. So let me assure you right now that this is very much work in progress. But when your hips (ok, they were in there somewhere) started off at 60″, you feel positively slinky when they read 41″ and there are bones. I’m sure Posh is thinking ‘what a heffer’ as she reads this, but hey, something to hold on to David.

I used to tip the scales at over 20 stone, except I didn’t tip them at all because I didn’t go on them and I didn’t ever look in mirrors. I used to charge into Evans and head straight for the size 30’s hidden at the very back (cursing if the only top in the shop in that size was just too high for me to reach), and hand over wads of cash grateful for something that fitted me. But it wasn’t me buying that size 30, oh no! I was in denial. Then I had a Hideously Humiliating Moment. At the hands of a steward on a flight who decided that in the case of an emergency I would get stuck in the exit window and he might be last off after all. Me and my discretely coloured orange extension seat belt were very loudly told we could not sit there as we were of limited mobility and in breach of the rules.

Thanks mate! Thanks to you I have now lost 8 stones and have only 2 to go to be ‘normal’. Thanks to you I decided to wake up and smell the coffee (skinny, 25 calories), and get off my rather well padded posterior and move. Those mini tremors? Me running for the first time.

It has not been as easy as they make it look on Fern & Phil (and no Mum, I don’t look like her anymore even in her slimmer version) and I could weep with despair at times at the sheer unfairness of effort in versus results. Here I am though, a formerly very fat girl, still semi-fat, going to be slim. I’ll be revealing my weekly ups and very hopefully downs every week and then when I do get to the holy grail of a size 12 and 10 stone, we celebrate together.

Good luck, Anna!

All that it remains for me to say is a big thanks to Anna for her openness and honesty (especially about her Hideously Humiliating Moment — did you cringe in sympathy and want to slap that awful steward? I know I did!) And, of course, to wish her the very best of luck from me and from all The Office Diet’s readers.

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