Introducing Yaz

Yaz is our first diarist for The Office Diet. She’s an office worker with a couple of stone to lose, and here’s her introduction:

About Yaz

Up until the end of 2006 I always weighed between 8st 11lbs and 9st; if I ever went over that I’d quickly take control and get back down again. The funny thing is that I was always desperate to lose more weight. Now, within in a year I’ve put on 2 stones which I hate myself for. So today I am going to start healthy eating (apparently a ‘diet’ has an end date!) and running. I’ve printed off a running program and will follow that. It should have me running non-stop for 30 minutes in 8 weeks. I’m also going to calorie count using weightlossresources.I’m hoping to give you weekly updates on my weight and the challenges I’ve faced during the week. At the moment it seems to be office lunches and the biscuit tin. Not to mention working late, then going home and grabbing the first thing I see!

I think it’s important to have a plan; my plan is as follows:

  1. Keep an accurate food diary. If it’s going to be difficult to count the calories of something I won’t eat it. (Hopefully this will cancel the office lunches)
  2. Plan my meals for the week on a Sunday and do the shopping for the whole week on a Monday.
  3. I have already bought a Rosemarie Conley cook book and I will use it

I’ll let you know on Thursday how I’ve got on.

Yaz’s starting stats

Height 5’2
Weight 11st 3lbs
Waist 32′
Hips 44.8′
Chest 38.9′
Underbust 32′

The Office Diet says…

It’s great to see Yaz starting off her weight-loss in a sensible way. I think her ideas are excellent; building up gradually to running 30 minutes a day is a great way to boost her fitness but also her motivation — I’m sure she’ll be encouraged at seeing how much more can do as the weeks go by. Like many busy people, her dieting downfalls revolve around a lack of planning ahead: it’s easy to make poor snacking choices in the office if you’ve nothing good to munch on at hand. So I think her idea of organising her meals at the start of the week is a great one.

I hope Yaz enjoys the Rosemary Conley book; if she’s looking for further ideas, there’s several calorie-counted dinner options on the recipes page. And I know Yaz has access to the Weight Loss Resources diary, but for those following The Office Diet who want to keep track of their calories on paper, we have templates to print for a food diary and a spreadsheet to calculate the calories in any recipe.

To tackle that bottomless problem of the office biscuit tin, Yaz might like to read about how to refuse a cookie or how to keep unhealthy goodies out of harm’s way.

The very best of luck to Yaz with her diet, and I hope you all enjoy following her weight-loss success over the coming weeks!

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