Keep your hands busy and keep your diet going well!

My worst snacking times are evenings and weekends: I’m at home, I’ve got time on my hands, and food on my mind… even though I might have just eaten dinner.

If you’re tempted to carry on picking even when full – and who can honestly say they aren’t, especially if there’s delicious leftovers sitting in the fridge – then find something which occupies your hands. My hobbies are a weird mix but all of them keep my fingers busy: cross-stitching, computer gaming, and writing. If none of those appeals then …

… I wouldn’t be surprised. 😉

Seriously, though, other great options are:

  • Getting a bath or shower (difficult to eat without getting soap in your mouth)
  • Playing board games with the kids
  • Putting on a face pack (not just for women! I’ve heard a few blokes admit to using them.)
  • Catching up on your correspondence to old friends
  • Going out to something like an evening class or gym session.

You might even welcome the chance to take up a new hobby.


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