Links roundup – some weekend reading

Looking for some health and fitness related sites to browse through this weekend?

First things first, one of my very favourite blogs, Cranky Fitness, has had a big facelift this month! Go and check out the new Cranky Fitness design, and read some of Crabby and Merry’s fantastic articles. I particularly liked Studies we plan to ignore

There’s a great list of a hundred ways to be healthy inside and out over on RNCentral … The Office Diet made it on at number 42, “Be careful with buffets”, with this post from way back in January.

One of my blogger friends, Alex, posted a fantastic article with five good reasons to exercise over on The Bridgemaker. He’s an excellent writer and brings a lot of personal experience to his work; I recommend not only this article but the rest of his blog too.

Vikki from Explore Vitamins emailed me to let me know about the site. It’s a great resource packed with fantastic information on pretty much anything you’d want to know about vitamins. I especially liked these articles:

And if you’re feeling peckish while you’re reading … for The Office Diet’s readers in the US, Crum Creek Mills do an interesting range of soy snacks which you might want to give a try. Seeing “miraculous mixes” on their front page made me instantly sceptical, but digging deeper into the site revealed some great recipes and a wealth of information on soy.

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