Maintain your weight-loss for good: setting your “diet again” weight

If you’ve successfully reached a healthy weight range for your height, congratulations! But did you know that most dieters subsequently regain all the weight they’ve lost? If you want to be among that lucky few who don’t, read on…

Why you need a “diet again” weight

I’ve been “maintaining”, as it’s commonly known in dieting circles, for the past three years. Now, one of the nice things about not being “on a diet” is being able to relax, eat what I like, and enjoy the occasional indulgent weekend with friends. However, I know from experience that it’s easy for me to slip into bad habits. What I do is set a “diet again” weight: if I step on the scales and they’re showing this figure (or, horrors, a higher one), then it’s time to take a good hard look at what I’m eating, and cut out some of the less-good choices.

How to pick your “diet again” weight

I’d suggest giving yourself about 4lbs – 5lbs leeway to allow for natural fluctuations. For example, if you’ve successfully reached your goal weight of 125lbs, you might want to set your “diet again” alarm bell at 130lbs.

Using your “diet again” number to help you maintain your weight

Weigh yourself on a regular basis (not necessarily every week – every fortnight is enough when you’re maintaining, and stops you getting too obsessive).

If you’re over the “diet again” weight two weigh-ins in a row, it’s time to get out the food diary, clear the junk from the cupboards, and get back to healthy eating and exercising basics. If you need a reminder on what those are, why not check out a few posts here on The Office Diet?

If you find those useful, you’ll love my Dieting Basics ebook (just $12 for everything you need to know about nutrition, healthy weight loss, getting started with exercise, and achieving a healthier lifestyle – not just a thinner body.) You can even download a free sample here.


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