May on The Office Diet

What happened in May

The Office Diet has had a busy month! It’s been very encouraging to see a big increase in readers, so I want to mention some of the highlights from the past four weeks in case you’ve missed them.

  • Anna has been continuing her diary, giving us a very honest picture of how hard it can be to face the dieting challenges of the high-flying corporate world – and sharing tips and ideas that really work.
  • The Office Diet has had almost 25,000 hits since it began (up from 15,000 on 25th April), and lots of new RSS subscribers. If you’ve not got round to subscribing yet, add The Office Diet to your feed reader now!
  • If your diet has been flagging a bit recently, here’s some posts from May you might want to read if you missed them the first time:
  • I’ve had guest posts on some great blogs:
    • Advice for Grumpy Office Workers

      Nothing induces crankiness quite like being stuck behind a desk all day, in a room full of people whose presence you’re indifferent about at best, doing a job that makes you seriously consider whether watching kettles boil and paint dry would be more stimulating

      One of my more tongue-in-cheek pieces, to suit Crabby’s excellent “Cranky Fitness” blog.

    • Shape up your body, shape up your life

      Successfully losing weight, especially if you’ve been carrying those pounds for a long, long time, is an amazing thing to do. You’ll have reached a visible, measurable goal that has huge knock-on benefits in all areas of your life … and you’ll feel great! If you struggle to complete projects, if you have plans and ambitions that fizzle out to nothing, losing weight just might be that first big goal that gives you a real sense of achievement and fires you up for more.

      Here, I wanted to concentrate not so much on the how to lose weight but the why.

    • 7 Painless Ways to Stay Healthy in the Office

      Anyone working in a desk-based job will know the daily — almost hourly — temptations that arise. Whether it’s a colleague offering home-baked cookies, or your team deciding to order takeout, it’s all too easy to get led astray.

      This article was a compilation of some of my best tips from the past five months of running The Office Diet – if you’re new here, you might want to give it a read (and if you’re an old had, it could be a good refresher!)

    • When Does Your Healthy Eating Plan Go Awry? Let’s Fix It!

      There are seven flash-points in the day when it’s easy to screw up your diet … The key is identifying your weak point and planning for it. You might need to put in a bit of effort to begin with, but get these sorted and you’ll be set for success.

      This article covered the seven biggest danger-moments in the average day, whether for office workers, parents or students.

What’s coming up in June

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