New Diet-Friendly Dinner Recipes

One of The Office Diet’s readers wrote a few weeks ago to ask if I could add some more calorie-counted recipes to the site – I’m only too glad to oblige! The below recipes are all listed on the recipes page – or click on the title to go straight to the list of ingredients and the method.

All of these are dishes that I and The Boyfriend enjoy regularly, so rest assured they’ve been thoroughly taste tested. 😉

Sausage casserole with new potatoes or wholemeal rolls

355 cals / 21g fat for the sausage casserole
130 cals / 0.5g fat for a serving of new potatoes
110 cals / 2.5g fat for a small wholemeal roll

Get really good sausages for this, rather than using low-fat ones – you only need one sausage per person, and it’s worth the extra fat for the improvement in flavour. If you’re in the UK, the range of Taste the Difference sausages work brilliantly (we recommend the roasted red pepper and sweetflamed chilli variety.)

Pasta carbonara (a low fat version)

525 cals / 11g fat

You don’t have to miss out on creamy pasta while you’re on a diet. This version of carbonara is really quick and easy to make (it won’t take more than fifteen minutes) and is great comfort food if you’ve had a long day at work. It also tastes far more indulgent than the fat and calorie count would have you suppose…

Sweet and sour chicken with rice

570 cals / 6.2g fat

Make plenty of this one, pop the leftovers in the fridge and use them to fill a wholemeal pitta bread for lunch the next day: it’s just as good cold! The amounts given on the recipe page make enough for two servings and a bit left over.

(The sweet and sour pitta has 290 cals / 4g fat.)

Prawn tortilla wraps with salsa, guacamole and vegetable crudités

480 cals / 13g fat

A great summer dinner, because it doesn’t require any cooking, this has been one of our Friday night favourites for a while. Especially nice with a glass of wine (try using diet lemonade for a spritzer if you need to keep alcohol calories down.

If you’ve got a favourite diet-friendly recipe that you’d like me to add to The Office Diet, drop me an email – ali@theofficediet.com. Or let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the site!

(Image above by steven m)

  • Updated August 8, 2012
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