No-one’s putting food in your mouth

In the past, I often blamed other people for my lack of dieting success. If only I could have a perfect week – or even a perfect day – free from their influence. But dieting downfall came in varied, tasty forms:

  • My granny’s baking
  • Meals out with friends
  • Someone’s birthday in the office
  • An unexpected invitation to coffee (with inevitable biscuits!)
  • Everyone else buying crisps and nuts in the pub

So, of course, I’d shovel the food in and later blame my family and friends for making me fat….

But no-one was forcing me to put food in my mouth.

There might be occasions when it’s very difficult to turn down the offer of something which you know you shouldn’t be eating – but don’t use this as an excuse to give up entirely. If you’d be risking cutting yourself out of the inheritance by refusing a slice of your granny’s famous chocolate cake, ask for a small piece, and do an extra ten minutes exercise later on. When you go out for a post-work drink with friends, stick to spirits and diet mixers, and stop after a couple – or, avoid the alcohol altogether. It’ll make it much easier not to be tempted into buying a bag of crisps or nuts.

No-one is going to cram food down your throat despite your protestations (unless you’re playing a particularly violent version of Chubby Bunnies.) Just say a polite “no, thanks” (offering an excuse if necessary – see How to refuse a cookie) and you’ll find it’s no big deal to anyone except you.


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