Out of site, out of mind – out of reach! Where to keep your Christmas chocolates

Do you have boxes of uneaten Christmas chocolates taunting you, sitting in the cupboard or on the kitchen side or on your desk just waiting to be opened?

It won’t hurt to have just one, will it? You could just open the box, and take a couple, and close it again till tomorrow…

Well, perhaps you can! I know that something odd happens when I open a box of chocolates – I just fancy one, or two, but somehow I find myself carrying on. I might put the box down with a firm “no more!” but inevitably I end up digging into it again.

So what do you do about those gleaming boxes of choccies?

Put them all into a large box, and put it somewhere out of easy reach. A fascinating study undertaken by the International Journal of Obesity found that office-workers eat more chocolates when they’re in sight and close to hand.

Hands up all those who’ve ever wandered into the kitchen, spotted some chocolate, thought “Ooh, I’d forgotton all about that… I’ll have some with a cuppa,” and dug in without a second thought?

Put your chocolates away somewhere out of reach now! Mine are on top of a high set of shelves in my room…


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