25 Homemade Paleo Jerky Recipes – Salty, Sweet, Savory & More

​We all know it - jerky is one of the best on-the-road and easy-to-grab snacks. But with so many brands coming up with beef jerky recipes, how are we sure that we aren't consuming chemicals that are bad for our bodies?

These 25 Paleo Jerky Recipes are all homemade - made with real meat, veggies, and seasonings that make up flavors that line up with (or even surpass!) store-bought jerkies.

1. Homemade Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky

Seasoned with lots of seasonings and spices, this Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky is a chewy, tasty snack you can eat while at work. 

2. Eggplant Jerky 

Who say's being vegan or vegetarian is restrictive? The Eggplant Jerky is as sweet and salty as any meat jerky recipes. 

3. BBQ Beef Jerky

​Made with incrediby simple ingredients, the Paleo BBQ Beef Jerky is a snack you can easily prepare when you're in a hurry. 

4. Salmon Jerky

Paleo Salmon Jerky

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No, it's not bacon. Almost fooled you, right? This Salmon Jerky recipe is buttery and crisp to perfection. It's also a good source of protein and healthy fats. 

5. Bacon Jerky

Yes, it's bacon! It's crisp and chewy, sweet and salty with a hint of spice all at the same time. Now you can finally have bacon any time, any day you want. Check out the recipe here.

6. Mexican Lime Jerky

Try this Mexican Lime Jerky to taste the winning combination of jalapenos and fresh lime juice. It's zesty and spicy - what could be more perfect?

7. Kentucky Bourbon Beef Jerky

Marinated in bourbon, this recipe has strong flavor but still has the same sweet and savory taste of traditional beef jerky recipes.

8. Sweet Heat Sriracha Jerky

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Even with strong spices and flavors, the Sweet Heat Sriracha Jerky's taste is still not overpowering as one would expect. It has a subtle, delicious heat that you'll surely love.

9. Chicken Jerky

Not a fan of beef? Try the Chicken Jerky. It's more tender than beef and has intense flavors such as sweet, salty and umami. 

10. Spicy - Teriyaki Beef Jerky 

Unlike most beef jerkies, the Spicy - Teriyaki Beef Jerky is tender and almost juicy. It's flavor is a mixture of sweet from the teriyaki and spicy from the sriracha. 

11. Cauliflower Jerky 

If you think you can't have veggies for a quick snack, think again. The Cauliflower Jerky is drenched in tahini sauce with sriracha - making it savory with a hint of heat.

12. Candied Bacon Jerky

Indulge your sweet tooth with the Candied Bacon Jerky. It's not only sweet, it's also a bit salty with a kick of cayenne. 

13. Korean Beef Jerky

Korean Beef Jerky Paleo

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Reminiscent of the famous Korean BBQ, the Korean Jerky also have the same addicting flavor. It's marinated in Asian sesame oil and soy sauce. I mean, what could be more perfect?

14. Porkitos

Top your salads or soups with the Porkitos for an extra salty crunch. It's a sure way to make any dish more lively and savory. 

15. Lamb Jerky

Seasoned with soy sauce, oregano, worcestershire, garlic, and onion, the Lamb Jerky is a healthy and tasty alternative to the usual beef jerky!

16. Jerk Bacon

We all know you can't get enough of bacon... so please, do yourself a favor and try a different recipe - the Jerk Bacon has unique Jamaican flavor that's different from the same old bacon everyone loves.

17. Oven-Baked Chinese Pork Jerky

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Loaded with asian-inspired flavors, the Chinese Pork Jerky is a fun twist to the traditional beef jerky. It's incredibly easy and quick to make for such a tasty treat!

18. Bulgogi Jerky

Bulgogi Paleo Jerky

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With a little help from Korean bulgogi and spices, the Bulgogi Jerky has achieved a sweet and salty taste everyone will love. 

19. Spicy Sriracha Tofu Jerky

This savory and extra spicy Tofu Jerky is the perfect treat for our vegetarian friends. It's oozing with smoky seasonings and fiery sriracha sauce.

20. Cherry BBQ Pork Jerky


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Cherry BBQ Pork Jerky is a copycat of the Krave Jerky but with less sugar, additives, and sketchy "flavorings". Don't worry - it still tastes like the original ones. 

21. Beef Heart Jerky

​Not only is the Beef Heart Jerky freakin' delicious, it's also a good source of vitamin B, zinc, selenium, and iron. 

22. Honey Garlic Ginger Beef Jerky 

Get ready - this beef jerky is marinated in strong flavors of garlic and ginger but with a subtle sweetness of honey. Plus, some additional spices that would make you want more.

23. Gizzard-Style Paleo Jerky

Chewy, simple, and flavorful, the Gizzard Style Jerky is the perfect on-the-road companion. It's also an incredibly easy way to sneak an organ meat in your diet.  

24. Smoky Beef Jerky

​This jerky recipe is the same as almost all jerky recipes out there - with the exception of it's smoky flavor. Give your jerky a twist and try it here.

25. Turkey Jerky

Another twist you can do with your jerky is to swap the traditional beef with turkey. It's as delicious and crispy but with new flavor! Check out the recipe here.