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I usually find myself too busy to read a whole newspaper, so I pick and choose articles from different online papers based on what I’m interested in! Here’s a few of my favourite recent diet-and-fitness news items:

The reluctant dieter

The problem for me isn’t that I’m trying too hard to be perfect, it’s that my attitude is so relaxed that I’ve gone from swallowing down one or two treats a week to, well, nine or 10. Oops.

I’ve linked to Kira’s series before – she’s got a wonderful, frank and funny writing style, and it’s been a fascinating look into her dieting ups and downs.

The Dangers of Working Out When You’re Stressed

Letting off steam at the gym is a good idea – up to a point. Exercising too aggressively when you are under a lot of strain can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels.

An interesting read; I’ve been feeling a little stressed recently, and found that I was getting back-ache when on the rowing machine in the gym earlier today. I’m wondering now if it could have been due to having tenser muscles than usual.

New Diet Books Put To The Test

This month, we asked members of the Times Health Club to test some brand new diet books. The rules were simple: follow the diet for a minimum of two weeks, keep an honest diary on your progress, and record the (hopefully substantial) weight loss. These were the results…

I’m not a huge fan of diet books, but if I do consider buying one, I’d definitely want to read a few reviews first. These ones, by normal women rather than marketers or journalists, are informative and helpful.

Common Fibre a “True Superfood”

An ongoing study by the Institute of Food Research suggested pectin, a fibre found in everything from potato to plums, helped to fight the disease [cancer].
Lead researcher Professor Vic Morris said the likely effect of the fibre meant there was no need for people to rely on so-called superfoods.

I’m always suspicious of the fads for superfoods (especially expensive ones, like blueberries), so it was great to read that normal fibre may be just as good! Make sure you’re getting your five-a-day and you should be fine.
Break out the bubbly: White wine may be good for you

Rats that were fed white wine as part of their diet suffered less heart damage during cardiac arrest, compared to animals fed only water or grain alcohol. These benefits were similar to animals that ingested a red wine or its wonder ingredient found only in grape skin, resveratrol.

Although I drink red wine too, I’m rather fond of white wine so I’m hoping this research turns out to be true for humans as well as for rats!

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