Review of Best Health Magazine site

I came across the Best Health Magazine site a few months ago, when they linked to one of my articles on The Office Diet (much appreciated!) It’s a gorgeous site, and because it’s part of Best Health magazine, it clearly has the funding and development behind it to allow content-packed, authoritative features.

The Best Health site has the tagline “Live Better. Feel Great.” If that sounds like the sort of inspiring and uplifting site you want to visit, read on…

Categories on Best Health

The Best Health site has four main sections:

As you can see, it’s a value-packed site with articles covering a great range of topics.

Best site features

I loved the way that the menu offers a “sneak preview” of each section when I run the mouse over it – this gives instant, easy access to the most recent articles without having to click off the page I’m on.

There’s also a site forum, though it doesn’t seem to get much traffic. If you’re based in Canada (Best Health magazine is Canadian), it could be a good way to hook up with fellow Canadians interested in health/fitness.

The A-Z health index (run your mouse over the brown ‘A-Z health index’, part way down on the left of the page) is an easy way to browse through topics of particular interest to you.

Give it a try

The Best Health site is a great one to browse through during a coffee break – the advice, and the friendly, encouraging tone of the site are great. I should mention that it’s fairly female-focused – but men could definitely find plenty of useful advice on nutrition and health, too.

Do you know a great health/fitness website that you’d like me to share with The Office Diet’s readers? Drop me a line: ali@theofficediet.com


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