Review of You On A Diet

I’ve recently come across a site that I think many of you will enjoy, called “You On A Diet”. Like The Office Diet, it has a lot of great, practical advice and advocates sensible, sustainable weight-loss habits … not faddy food-restricting diets.

So what can you find on You On A Diet?

Home page

The home page has several nice features, including a handy BMI calculator – which works for both imperial and metric measurements – so that you can check whether you’re overweight or at a healthy weight.

My one reservation about this was that if suggested considering a supplement (diet pill) if you are overweight. I would strongly advise trying to lose weight by simply eating more healthily and exercising: you don’t risk side effects, and you’ll be building up good habits for life.

You On A Diet also has a “Blurb of the month” on the homepage, linking to a site or resource that they especially recommend. I was delighted to hear that they’re linking to my Dieting Basics ebook throughout November! (Have you got your copy yet?)

At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find their latest blog posts, and weight-loss related videos from You Tube. Great for a quick coffee-break!

Diet Reviews

You On A Diet usefully reviews a lot of popular diets; you can access these by clicking on “Lifestyle Diets”, “Meal Based” or “Supplements” in the orange navigation bar at the top – depending on what sort of diet you’re interested in. Rather than wasting money on the latest celebrity-endorsed book, check You On A Diet first to see what their verdict is.

The reviewers aren’t afraid to speak their mind, and suggest the dangers or pitfalls of a particular diet plan:

The recommended daily calorie intake for the Kimkins diet is set at a dangerous 700 calories a day which is well below the recommended level set by medical practitioners to maintain good health.
The Kimkins Diet

But they’ll praise diets which promote sensible eating habits – and where you get to enjoy your food!

The Sonoma Diet™ comes with plenty of guidance. The food enjoyed in this diet makes you feel like you’re not on a diet at all. The key is what you eat and when you eat it. Feedback from our readers refreshingly stated they no longer needed to have cheat meals or craved for fatty foods when using this diet.
The Sonama Diet


You On A Diet has recently started publishing regular blog posts (click “Diet Blog” in the orange bar, or “Home” if you’re on the blog section itself). These articles deal with a range of weight-loss and healthy eating topics. Here are a few that I particularly enjoyed reading:

Lose Twenty Five Pounds Without Dieting

Remember, all it takes is saving 250 calories a day to lose half a pound a week: That’s over 25 pounds a year—probably faster than you gained it!

Some great tips here on how to cut 250 calories a day without even noticing. This could be as switching to skimmed milk in your latte, swapping a chocolate bar for a granola bar, and making some canny choices at lunch and dinner.

Are These Calories Worth It?

Think before you eat and decide whether you will really enjoy the food and feel good about eating it; whether you would rather lose weight by passing up on those fattening treats; and whether you are willing to be more active to burn the calories off.

I often ask myself whether the calories in something are worth it – sure, one of those giant cookies on sale at the canteen might go nicely with my cup of tea, but I know the heavy dose of sugar won’t help my afternoon productivity much! There are some great tips here on considering whether the enjoyment of something really justifies the calories.

Quick Weight Loss – Why We Love to Hate It

Without question one of the most dreaded effects of quick weight loss programs is the fact that 9 out of 10 will gain all the weight back.

Like The Office Diet, and Diet Blog, You On A Diet promotes sustainable, healthy weight loss to reach a realistic goal weight – not crash-dieting in order to become a stick-figure. This article is a great reminder of why fast weight loss is really bad for you.

Why not check out You On A Diet today? I’ve added them to my list of Recommended Reads, and if you want to get all their posts, you can simply subscribe to their RSS feed. There’s also a newsletter that you can sign up for on the site – look for the envelope-style icon and yellow post-it note that appears on the top right of your screen when you visit the site.


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