Review of Zest Magazine – 9/10

One of my favourite magazines while I was starting to get into “fitness” a couple of years ago was Zest. I bought it after reading this review on the Weight Loss Resources site, and it’s one of the few health magazines that I’ll read almost cover-to-cover.

Type Magazine (UK)
Pages 140
Frequency Monthly
Price £3.20
Sections Health, Emotions, Beauty, Eat light, Fitness
Aimed at Youngish (18-40s) women interested in health.

There are lots of regular features such as:

  • Zest life makeover: a reader’s life is analysed by a nutritionist, life coach, hypnotherapist, personal trainer and skincare therapist. I enjoy reading these; the advice is positive and proactive rather than critical!
  • Embarrasing questions: Zest’s experts help readers with health problems they don’t want to share with a doctor.
  • 10 on Test: Products taste-tested and compared, shown with calorie and fat counts, and rated out of ten.
  • Fit and Famous: A short interview with a celebrity, focussing on what they do to keep their body and mind healthy.

In the March issue, my favourite articles were:

  • Your Happiness Recipe: 12 ways to be happier, with explanations why and a practical idea of how to get going on each.
  • 10 New Diet Rules: Ways to shift those last few pounds, such as “I will know when I’m full” and “I will use my tastebuds.”
  • How to Get Great Abs: I’ve been trying out the exercises “Best for beating lower belly bulge” … I’ll let you know in a month or two if they’re having any effect!

I’m giving Zest 9/10 – it loses marks for a “Success Story” article from a reader who went on a very low calorie diet, Lighter Life, where apparently “clients have nutritionally complex shakes, bars and soups equalling about 530 calories a day.” That’s a dangerous and unhealthy way to lose weight, and I’d rather not see it being promoted in magazines – especially ones aimed at people who are fairly new to the world of dieting and exercise.

Overall, though, Zest is a positive, cheerful and friendly magazine with a wealth of useful tips, good advice and thoughtful articles.


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